Oren Shabat Laurent

Oren Shabat Laurent

Digital Trading Expert


Forerunner in Online Trading – Oren Shabat Laurent

Digital trading specialist Oren Shabat Laurent is known as an expert in his field. He has been making an impact on the online trading industry for several years, and has widened his business interests to several other investment areas.

Early Years

Laurent was born in Israel in the 1980s, but was raised in New York after his parents moved to the US. At age 17 he moved back to his country of birth to serve in the IDF. After four years in the Paratroopers Brigade, Laurent was honorably discharged and moved back to the US to study Economics at New York University.

Oren Shabat Laurent Starts Trading

After completing his studies Oren worked for several years as a stocks and structures broker for industry trailblazers on Wall Street. During this time he gained invaluable experience and became ready to start his own company. In 2009 Shabat Laurent relocated to Israel and founded an online trading company, the biggest digital trading company in the world. He soon became known as a global authority on the online marketplace, and is regularly consulted for his expertise in international regulations and legislation pertaining to the digital trading sector. Laurent is a firm advocate for improved transparency and more stringent international regulations for digital trading companies.

A Developing Investment Portfolio

After years of making his mark in the digital trading arena, Oren Shabat Laurent started diversifying his business interests. He is particularly interested in investing in real estate and backing innovative start-up companies. Shabat Laurent’s two main investments are Domus Underwriting and Domus Market Place - two companies that operate in synergy. While the underwriting wing of the business provides financing options to real estate development initiatives across Israel, Domus Market Place is a real estate firm that specializes in developing Kfar Saba's green suburbs. Oren is also a shareholder in Arazim Tveria, a luxurious accommodation complex in the historical city of Tiberias, near the Sea of Galilee.

Charitable Ventures

Besides his varied business interests and responsibilities, Oren Shabat Laurent is also involved in several community initiatives. He provides financial backing to selected projects through his family and personal trust funds. One of the organizations backed by Shabat Laurent looks after the recreational needs of children with physical or mental disabilities. By offering this service, the usual caregivers and family members of the children can have a much needed break - and the children can partake in valuable social interaction. His deep love for sport prompted Oren to offer sponsorships to Israeli athletes.

Making Cryptocurrency Part of Business

As a digital pioneer, Oren Shabat Laurent has expanded his business ventures to include cryptocurrency. Some say that cash and banking will fall away in the future and that cryptocurrency will become our new monetary system, others are erring on the side of caution when it comes to the new-fangled method of exchange. Created by the unknown inventor of the digital currency Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, cryptocurrency is an electronic cash system that prevents double-spending by using a peer-to-peer network, something many have tried to invent and failed. Shabat strongly advocates cryptocurrency and is embracing opportunities created through it.

Personal Life

Happily married and a father of two children, Shabat Laurent enjoys spending his free time with his family. He keeps fit by boxing every day, and enjoys unwinding by keeping close tabs on his favourite sports teams.

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